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Shad Adhwa Shodhan, Mala Sanskaar, Bhoot Lipi, Yoni-Nabhi-Havan Kund philosophy and practice, Yoga Nidra Sessions, Swar Vigyan (Science of breath, theory and practical), Dhyan & Dharana, Special Kriyas, Kalash Establishment, Devi Pooja procedures and many more things.

Nirvana Sage


Creating a Balanced Healthy Lifestyle

Learning the right mix of Asnas, Pranayam, Mudras which are the basic tools for initiates to balance their energies, refer to the specific scriptures to learn the basic philosophies of the lineage, awaken the Shakti lying inside all of us to attain perfect balance between body and mind. All this with right eating habits goes a long way.

Nirvana Sage

Body & Mind

Holistic Health

The outer practices are to be learnt to graduate to higher inner practices. The outer practices happen in our physical body while inner practices start in our subtle body. This transformation is a must for any serious practitioner to evolve in their Guru guided lineage. While dealing in specific inner practices, guidance of the Guru becomes essential. To have a Guru in body is of great help but doesn’t mean that those who do not have will not achieve. Mother is great, she finds Her own way to bless Her children in myriads of ways.

Common Questions About Nirvana Sage

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is a Sadguru?

A Sadguru is an enlightened person who can make you experience the truth which he himself has experienced.


What does he do?

By clearing the karmas of past lives, he initiates us in the path and teaches us techniques to follow it, so as to attain liberation. (This technique has been discussed in great details in the Puranas by the name of Shad-Adhwa Shodhan i.e. purification of Six impurities of self. Though there are many different procedure set down as per followers of different paths and lineages).


How does one reach a holistic state of overall wellness?

A holistically healthy and well-balanced life can be achieved when an individual is mentally, physically and spiritually balanced. Continual Practice of Yoga, keeping the right company, reading & contemplating on the teachings of scriptures sincerely prepares us for the grace to fall on us. When that happens, faith is generated, one is guided on the right path even in space of pure darkness by unseen hands, like a Mother guiding her own child. What is needed is complete surrender in her affectionate and loving care.


Why should we Believe?

For belief one needs two attributes; 1. Simple Heart, 2. Pure Mind. (like children when their Grandma tells them a story of a ghost, just believing in it, they get so scared that they won’t sit alone at night. Some people have so much faith in their Guru that they believe whatsoever he tells them and some people have 100 % belief in their scriptures).

When on hearing words, its meaning and everything becomes about its subject also becomes clear then only ‘belief’ develops. This development is more in some and less in others. In our country right from childhood, this faith is developed. It is the effect mother, father and Guru on consciousness of the child.

What do we loose if we do not believe? If their is any spiritual value in this belief, the we may also believe that if we do not believe then we will loose something. But belief does not arrive all of a sudden. People, generally, do not come in to this world with belief in God. First they become indifferent to the world, which turns to disbelief later and in the end it turns in to belief.

What we Provide

Our Focus

Raise the Shakti from the Mooladhaar to embrace its Shiva in the Sahasrar Chakra in the crown, out of their sublime union Nectar issues. This nectar cascades down and the Yogi tastes it on his tongue in Khechari and gets intoxicated in the bliss of divine union loosing his own self in it. Thereby becoming a perfect medium for the Mother Nature to play through.

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    Dedication, sincerity and openness to share the knowledge for the welfare of all.

    Why People Choose Us


    Ancient Practices

    Our ancient Rishis worked at length on each and every important subject, wrote them down in the form of great scriptures for all their future children to benefit from those practices in their absence. The sincere and faithful will surely find the way through their teachings even in the modern times.


    Experienced Effective Treatment

    All our team members deal in natural and ancient practices to heal our mind, body, and soul. The effectiveness of these yogic practices come from the wisdom of our ancient sages.

    Nirvana Sage

    Ayurvedic Organic Diets

    ‘Jaisa Ann Vaisa Mann’ meaning that your mind will be as your food is. Hence a lot of stress was based in Indian tradition on vegetarianism and many kinds of food habits for celibates or married ones. Seasonal and local vegetables and fruits were preferred unlike of today when you can get any thing from any part of the world anywhere. Its realized today that the quality of soil is also important to ingest particular attributes in any vegetation. for example certain herbs are best suited for Himalayan region and not for the plains. In plains also, soil of some area may be very good for a particular herb than that of another area……….


    Authentic Sources

    All the program associates are knowledgeable, passionate and ready to share whatever they know with aspirants. They also had gone through both the outer and inner journeys to realize that THAT lies not outside but inside all of us.


    Holistic Wellness

    By Holistic Wellness, we mean optimum level of physical and mental health without getting in to any kind of physical and mental conditions. Continuously oozing joy, happiness and love to everyone around and rather be infectious in spreading it around everywhere. People should be inspired by one’s presence to follow the right path. Nature should be so pleased with us that it chooses us to be Her instrument of operation.


    Offering Shaktanand's programs and tools to rejuvenate an Individual into a happy, joyous, and healthy life style.

    We, at Nirvana Sage, passionately believe in our lifelong commitment to serving all by bringing Wellness to everyone, through our philosophy and retreats.


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