Our Mission

Health, Peace and Joy for all

We are devoted to awakening the benefits of our traditional ancient systems of Yoga and Tantra in the minds of the modern populace so as to build a healthy, peace-filled, joy loving society where we, respecting everyone’s faith, religion, culture, make this whole world a beautiful place to live in.

Nirvana Sage is passionately involved in Mind-Body-Spirit Holistic Health approach ranging from the cleansing techniques of Hatha Yoga, Disciplines, Asan and Pranayams of Raja yoga, enhancing the soul’s evolutionary process by learning the movement of Breath, Pran and Mind through Kriya Yoga and entering into the realm of Shakti by blooming the Chakras in Kundalini-Yoga practices traveling through the gross, into the subtle and on to the mental and higher subtle regions inside us and thus transforming our thinking process and lifestyles. We believe in the overall Wellness. We offer a variety of services in the form of Shaktanand’s-Wellness-Programs of different duration to individual and corporate associates, as well as vacationers. We have developed Neuro-Sage Brain Stimulation Therapy, our self researched program based on the ancient Vedic system to treat functional mental disorders of stress, depression, Insomnia, etc.

Neuro Sage Chakra Stimulation method for helping the serious spiritual practitioners to evolve higher and higher on the path of Kundalini at a quicker rate assimilating Aura Photography, medical diagnostic tooling. We have intensively worked with pure tones to develop our own non-incisive and non-medicinal methods to address the needs of such people.

From time to time, we share free-lac-dem workshops with School, College, University students, different Government Departments and Corporates, the idea solely being, to share our traditional knowledge with modern perspective for the well-fare of all. Our goal is to restore and strengthen the immune system along with mental well-being through ancient practices and lifestyle changes. We take pride in the offering, a nurturing environment and tools to restore a happy, long, healthy life through our team of passionate practitioners who have devoted their lives to the cause.

We are extremely thankful to team CueBlocks, a great partner in all our endeavors and who developed this whole site for us just to promote our efforts in the direction of social obligation to the society we came to, grew up, learned various subjects from through various teachers and now it seems time has come to share whatever we learned through our journey till now. Nirvana Sage is a non-profit organization meant for researching into the traditional Yogic and Shakti practices laid down by our ancient Rishis for the benefit of our society.

May we be guided and blessed in our sincere effort in this direction always by the divines, the ancient Rishis and whole of the great lineage of all the Gurus.

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Our Procedures

Lifestyle Balancing

We promote Holistic Lifestyle leading to Mental health with Physical fitness  in all our Nirvana – Sage Wellness programs.

Natural Ayurvedic Herbs

We believe that food is the best medicine (Hit Mit Rit Bhuk) and Mother Nature provides us with an abundance of Ayurvedic herbs which bring about overall Wellness.

Fitness & Exercise

An Active Lifestyle is the best way to keep healthy and we have exercise programs to do just that.


Stress Management and Mediation are the best ways to Maintain a healthy mental state.

What We Provide

Our Services

Nirvana Sage


Vedic Technology in the Modern World

A State of the Art Patented Vedic Technology that treats our mental disorders and stresses at its source. We target Natural Frequencies that are found in our brain to rewire and sooth the brain to heal itself. It is a form of mediation projected by sound waves into the direct source of the problematic region within the brain.



Workshops and Meditative Seminars

We offer a wide array of wellness seminars and workshops all taught by world-class instructors.