Nirvana Sage
Initiated Practitioners


We have a dedicated team, which shares the common values of Nirvana Sage and are also in the process of developing further through our courses and retreats. Soon we will be having our associate facilitators in different parts of the globe to carry the message of ancient tradition and values for the well being of all.

Nirvana Sage
Retreats and Seminars

Fitness & Wellness

Through the grace of Gurudev, at present we have 7 and 15 day courses on Tantra Yoga with emphasis on learning Sanskrit slokas and beej mantra chanting; learning of Yoga Sutras of Patanjaali, basic yogic techniques in asan and pranayam; learning of secrets of breath and element control through it; learning of different kriyas for understanding of breath, pran and mind; opportunity to initiate in to the Tantra lineage as per tradition with time to time gradations and abhisheks for for higher levels and new mantras as one evolves higher; understanding Shakti poojan procedures with mantra, provide specially made yantras along with the procedures in the easy to follow form of printed texts in English as well as e-books; Kundlini Tantra practices with detailed book on the philosophy, technical details of each of the Matrika Shakti and practical details; understanding and learning Havan procedure required for accomplishment of spiritual practices etc and also learning different mysterious practices of Tantra.

The whole idea is to evolve higher and higher to realize the Mother in our own self.

Nirvana Sage
To Promote our Vision


The whole Idea behind Nirvana Sage is to provide a platform for right kind of souls to come together from all over the world, share uplifting practices for the welfare of all, keep the traditional ancient knowledge pool safe and active, try to keep the contact with Rishis on the other side alive to enable their grace be distributed to the whole mankind, try to evolve to such a state that the whole world becomes a place of joy, happiness, brotherhood and peace.

Nirvana Sage
Learning the Spiritual Mathematics


Learning the basic calculations for propitious times of the day and night to perform certain acts, finding required season during a day to perform important spiritual acts, Calculation of appropriate devis as per natal charts and mantras through standard tantra tables and so on. Since one has to put in a lot of effort in doing purushcharans of mantras, havans, special practices to achieve the desired spiritual goals, hence it becomes imperative that one should be on the right path and procedure. Requisite text for same is in print and e-book form which is upgraded from time to time.

Nirvana Sage
Wellness Calculators


Calculate the basic health parameters like BMR, BMI, Fat Percentage, Food Calorie Values and Exercise Energy calculation to customize the exercise schedule for yourself as well as for people associated with you. Dedicated team including Yoga professionals, of Yoga, Dietitian and Doctor to support the Nirvana Sage training program at our Studios in the most modern city Chandigarh, India.

Nirvana Sage


Learn our special course on Yoga nidra practices, which is considered to be only a practice of relaxation by many, which it is not. Learn the basic, intermediate and advanced level of practices to take the spiritual practice to very high level of evolution. Easy to follow instructions in e-book form will also be provided during it English text.

Nirvana Sage
Customized Aromas


It is seen that aromas also effect our mental state. When we smell a certain aroma, a specific effect takes place on our mind, past memory association, joy, peace. Understanding it we can help spiritual seeker to evolve further in their practice. In future we will also add this aspect for utilization in different sadhanas.

Nirvana Sage
Mental Ancient Healing

Neuro- Sage

Brain is the most important part of our body as it is the controller. We are in the process of researching effect of pure tones on different centres of the brain to alleviate first mild functional disorders through Nirvana Sage’s Transcranial Sound Stimulation Therapy (TSST) for the benefit of the stresses, depressed, Insomnia patients utilizing diagnostic tools in the form of ECG, EEG and aura photography methods without use of any kind of medicine or intrusion.

Nirvana Sage
Transcribed Ancient Scriptures


We are in the process of translating certain parts of various standard ancient texts in English so as to share them with wider range of spiritual seekers through out the world. Though it is an unending process as the material written by our ancient seers is unlimited and we also are not at their consciousness level to decode same. By grace of the Mother, we might be able to do our own little part in this herculean task.

Nirvana Sage


Chakras are the basic energy centres of our body which, if out of tune, can create many physical and psychological problems for a practitioner. We have developed methods to assist the Kundlini practitioners to in energizing various Chakras, petals and balancing their energies through meditation, Kriyas and our self developed Nirvana Sage’s Chakra Sound Stimulation and Balancing Program through pure tones.

Nirvana Sage


Chakras are the basic energy centres of our body which, if out of tune, can create many physical and psychological problems for a practitioner. We have developed methods to assist the Kundlini practitioners to in energizing various Chakras, petals and balancing their energies through meditation, Kriyas and our self developed Nirvana Sage’s ‘Chakra Sound Stimulation and Balancing Program’ through pure tones.

Nirvana Sage
Equipment for Betterment

Wellness Products

In future we will be developing our own range of quality Yoga products, herbal products too. At present we have developed copper Yantras and e books for the benefit of retreat participants. We have developed Chakra stimulation and balancing apps along with Brain stimulation app.for functional problems in people and right now are going through researching on patients.

Nirvana Sage
Herbal Organic Products


No plan to go into this field at present.

Stress Management and Meditation

Mental Health

This is an important subject in the lives of modern day people which needs to be seriously addressed. We, at Nirvana Sage, believe that the future of medicine is in the form of Energy Medicine and not Chemical Medicine. Thus we must develop tools in that direction. We are researching with standard medical tools, aura photography  and our own developed pure tonal system to alleviate such problems. We are sure we will develop a non-incisive and non-medicinal approach in this direction.  Various Hatha Yoga Cleansing Techniques, Yoga Nidra practices, Yogic Pranayam practices, Kriyas can help the change the life style of a person so that he or she is saved from the effects of wrong life styles.

Open your 7 Chakras


Chakra opening is an advanced part of the spiritual practice. After Hatha Yoga, Ashtang Yoga, Kriya Yoga one graduates to this aspect of spiritual practice. It is a fascinating path which has to be performed under proper guidance and care. It needs expertise in all the above basic methods to succeed.

Physical Transformation


Warm up, Stretching, Cardio, Endurance, Jumping, Speed training, Balance all form an important part of any exercise routine and this has been scientifically proven. So our exercise schedule must have part of the above aspects ingrained in regimen. Smart workout not hard work out is the key. Employing HIET’s, VO2 maximization, effect of -ve ions in the environment, free radicals in the diet etc a lot many factors go a long way to enhance our health.

Holistic Wellness

Media,Gurus, Nutritionists and passionate Instructors